Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Last Good-Bye

Too many things to do, too little time.

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What i wanted to do before I leave;
1) Take pictures with lecturers from Mass Communication School and my all time favourite sir, Francisco Gomez.
2) Round island for the second and last time.
3) Visit Bukit Bendera.
4) Try the Penang best Assam Laksa.
5) Take picture of my 3 years old tears and laughter university.
6) Clean up and pack my room.
7) Visit Prangin, Queensbay and Gurney again
8) Use the complimentary facial passes at Clinique.
9) And 2 foot massage at Danai Spa.
10) Chill with my girlfriends at Segafredo, Gurney
11) Catch a last midnight movie with my friends
12) Round Penang Island.

This is what I want to do in 2 days time.Too many things to accomplish but too little time left for me.

How time fly in just blinks of eyes and today is the last time I attended a campaign presentation in my university and the very last time, the 29 of us wore red shirt.RED DEVIL!
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Okay.. I promise that I am not going to make this is if like a very emo post although in reality, I am. I am rather piss now.

This presentation is presented by 4 campaigns which are ADWAVE, Energy Efficiency(EE), Nemgrad, and Recycling.
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(ADWAVE a.k.a AWard Wining Advertisement Exhibition)

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(Energy Efficiency, a.k.a EE)

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(NemGrad a.k.a NewMillennium Graduates)

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By the end of the presentation, we were told that it is the spirit that bring all the group members together. But I think, it is the Passion.Passion leads me to the way.

One thing for sure during the presentation was, ADWAVE team stand ahead of others campaigns in term of making noise and confident applause. And, this dude in my team had pull off the beginning of ADWAVE presentation respectably well. Before Wai Ling and Yi Von began their presentation, this voluntarily ADWAVIAN went in front and frowned "ADWAVIANs, Strike Passion, Passion Strike". He really deserved a round of applause for the effort..Silly but simply hilarious.
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(Yom+ Me)

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(After presentation, FREE FOOD!)

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(Cam whoring is part of my past time)

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(Dr.J + Me)

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(When there is "free" food, you will see their face)

Fucking pissed.

I don't have anything with other campaign member but there is this particular hypocrite bitch from NemGrad which annoyed me. She commented about ADWAVE in her blog that our Utusan forum was bad, how Tuan Haji forced her to attend and also demanded her team members to support the event, how TheStar journalist was commented and bla bla bla.

Firstly, you fucking have no right to make this kind of remark although its your blog because you know what?When you pointed your finger at us, the rest of your 3 fingers is pointing back at you. If you look at the situation, Tuan Haji verbally forced you to attend but I am sure you are a smart bitch. No one in this world can forced you and he is not pointing his gun at you right?!!If you are not interested in forum, then just give a fuck excuse or rather ignored it.Don't bullshit in your blog and talk sense out of it.Don't talk as if like you are someone who knows about everything in the industry ok..when you are just as tiny as a Lao Shu!

Secondly, if you don't know how to count, just go and die.There is MORE THAN two of us attended your Launching and what about it clashes with our own activity on that day?Oh please...the 29 of is deadly wanted to attend your Launching because it so "oh so successful and happening".

Thirdly, you blame it on the publicity director.FUCKING HYPOCRITE.All of us, even the blind or deaf know what you are up to. Whatever compliments come out from your mouth are all sarcastic remarks which I swear no one bother about your compliments although sometimes you innocently meant it.In front of the publicity director, you complimented him, but at the back....Fuiyoh KUTUK KAU KAU SIAL!

Do you think you are doing a good job or you think you are an angel to everyone?Think about it...Get a life and stop commenting about what others did but rather you fucking look at yourself what have you done!Nothing!

So mind your own business!

*I personally don't have anything against NemGrad but only the particular hypocrite bitch.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Me being depressed

I know that this is a delay post.

This is what happened in my life, approximately 2-3 weeks ago when I was still a student.
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Now, I am going through a totally different phrase in my life, a phrase which I am not keen to look forward anymore.

I used to dream big and look forward the kinda life that I always wanted to achieved.A dream that every girl is crazy for. I used to dreamt that I wanted to start my own family after I am done with studies.I admit, I am a family type of person.Nothing comes between me except for my family and beloved one.
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You know, sometimes dream is not something which you can chase after or achieve in reality.(All the time)When I have nothing to dream for anything, my life is just like the flying kite.I didn't allowed myself to determine my life but I allowed actually my life to determine where I want to go.
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Last Friday on my way back from Penang, that was the longest journey ever back home in my life. It took me 7 damn hours to reach KL and I swear to god, the particular journey signified something to me.

Life is a journey and no one can assume where all of us are heading to, just like my bus journey. For the first time ever, I have no clues where the bus heading to although the destinated place its written clearly in my ticket. What come across my mind was, "This journey is definitely a long and miserable one". The fucking bus stopped at this place called Slim River and I have no idea where the hell on earth I was for 40 minutes.Hell yeah!

And then the journey continued and I hated it so much when loneliness filled up the empty space in me when I was at the lowest point in my life. All I remember was, " I know the journey a head of me is way too bumpy and tough, and there is not way I could do it all alone".

Now I am feeling angry. I have what it takes for a depressed person.

I wish I could turn back time. I miss being a student. And i miss ADWAVE and Mass Communication Night.
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(Retro Revisited Night)

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I wish that I could reverse the clock. At least 2 years back.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A night to remember ADWAVE 2007

I was browsing through the net when I noticed most of the friends in my friendster account uploaded with tons of ADWAVE dinner or Mass Comm night pictures.And yet, in order to be in the "in" group, I did the same.

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(Alex, Jay,Me)

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(MC for ADWAVE, Andrea & Hoon Siang)

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(with Ms. Yasmin Ahmad)

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(almost-to-be Mass Comm Prom King)

During my final week as university student, things are so different from what we are 2 weeks ago.The common topic that we talked about is either about what is our future plan or how much we will miss each other.

I was being extremely emo yesterday night after watching a heart touching video from a guy friend of mine.And then i realised that university is all about friendship.I admit that i hurt a few of them along journey, but I will sincerely apologize to them, one day maybe.

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(future-to-be director, Boon How)

ADWAVE has the greatest impact in my university life that these days whenever i see the second year juniors, I will persuade and brain wash them to join ADWAVE. When i leave the university, I will miss ADWAVE the most.

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(Those were the days my friend)

After the grand finale of ADWAVE which is the Official Launching (God damm it, I didn't even capture a single picture), we went for our 10 th anniversary dinner at Sheraton Penang. It was a relaxing and soothing 7 course dinner. Hallelujah, the karaoke session that was proposed by Yi Von earlier was rejected.

As I've mentioned earlier, I like going out for dinner because there is where sharing food means caring for another person. You didn't want to eat but you offer it to your friend so that she puts on some calories.So caring!

As in the tradition, whenever the girls are ready with their beautiful outfit and make up on, they will tend to exploit it with lots of pictures.This is one bad sides about digi camera when capturing pictures are free and its part of everyone life now. Gone were the days where whenever we press the button, there is goes 30 cents regardless the pictures turn out good or bad.

And all of the sudden, digi camera turn most of the girls into camera whores, included me myself. Capturing pictures are part of the norm these days.

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The bright side about digi camera is it actually function as a powerful tool to bridging gap between one another. Everyone is friend through digi cam.That is why, I only have more friends after having my own digi cam.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Priceless Thoughts!

It didn't hit me so bad till I see this video from someone who I least expected from.

When everyone assumed that farewell is a celebration, I beg to differ.As I see, no one could predict what is the future like, and where is the next step gonna take us, therefore this could be the last gathering in university before we leave. And it is so nice of him to make a short video to remember his friends around him, the friends who he will always remember no matter what.Although my moments of fame is only 3 seconds, but its not the price that counts, it is the thought that matters the most.

It is my honour to know him and I am deeply regretted for knowing him late that it is late enough miss out lots of crazy stuff before we leave.

Who would do this last video as a token of remembrance for their beloved friends? He would...!!!!

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(Boon How, Me)

I didn't mean to be dramatic, but the videos that he produced for both ADWAVE Official Launching and supposed-to-be Mass Comm night video actually tears me.

Far in distance but close in heart, always no matter what.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

ADWAVE has come to the end

The conversation between me and project colleagues seem to sound depressive these days.

Me: "Hey I can't wait for Launching Day"
YiVon: No, because that is the end of our project.

And then it suddenly striked me that ADWAVE has come to the end soon.

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There are a few of us who wants to finish this project as fast as ejaculation, but still there are a few of us who feel the opposite way..

I feel that everything will come to the end in just fraction of seconds.The next minutes, we have to bid goodbye to the entire 29 of us. It's hard to gather the 29 of us again under any circumstances, and who knows where is the next step gonna take us?

I remembered the first day when we started this project almost one year ago, I felt that this project was way too much to do.I also came to the extend where I feel that we couldn't cope it up as good as the 9th batch when our cash sponsorships were zero.

From Digi as our first cash sponsor, Sloggi, Penang Tourism Action Council until the very last minute sponsor MAA Assurance , all of our $$$ prayers were answered.

Besides that, we've proven that 10th batch of ADWAVE can do far more better.It was remarked as the most successful project in the ADWAVE history.

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"Strike Passion,Passion Strike" is the theme of the 10th batch of ADWAVE.The theme came out much later.If you are one of them who understand the true meaning behind this theme, I am sure the passion that you've put in striked you back.

I never like to take class photo because I know, everything has come to the end where what gonna reminds me is future is just a piece of paper which eventually I will either lose it or colour fading in the next 5 years time,maybe?

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I admit that I never enjoyed my university life in my first 2 years but with ADWAVE as my final year project, it has proven me wrong.

ADWAVE is not only a hub for students to unleash their creativity and talent, it went beyond that.

ADWAVE served as a hub for me to learned and gained knowledge which wasn't written in my university syllabus.

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I am glad to be one of them.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Blogger SUCKS!

My blogger account is such a problematic one.I have no idea wtf, but all the pictures in my older post cannot be view.

BLOGGER is such a sucker.

And I am doing the whole thing for the second time.
1)Upload all my older pictures
2)Adjust the allignment
3) Retrieve back my I-don't know put where picture-.
4) Resizing of pictures into smaller pixel.


Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Final post for CNY

I wanted to post up a final blog before CNY ends, but god knows what the fuck happened, the whole post went disappeared and caused my blogger account to screwed up too. Not realizing that the problem could be solved with just a *click* away.

Prolly, I cursed too much.Every single thing that I do reflects my karma.From the minute I woke up and look at the clock, "Fuck", "is my first word.

Mom said that during CNY period, I should not be doing anything bad.In fact, I know that I will be send to hell,either 5th or 6th floor.The 7th floor is for extremist such as rapist, robber and killer.

I should be doing THIS often!!
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(To lessen my karma,hopefully)

CNY is celebrated for 15 days only, I am only rich for 15days out of 365 days a year. And as I grew older, my angpau money is getting less, depreciate as years goes by.

Since this is my very last month in Penang, me and a few of my friends are taking this golden opportunity to explore every place's and event's in conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2007.

Kek Lok Si temple is one of the Penang main tourist attraction.This is where the almighty Kuan Yin Ma stayed there. Myths and legends presumed that the glorious Kuan Yin Ma is actually the back bone of the Penang because they claimed that she is able to see the whole Penang from every angle that she stood and to protect it.

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(This new Kuan Yin Ma is made with filthy bronze)

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(The old Kuan Yin Ma,I see that there's tears drowning from her eyes)

Kek Lok Si deserved its title as one of the most beautiful place especially during CNY. There it goes all the taxes that our parents paid for.Go during the night, because no one goes there during daytime to see lantern.Unless u have not seen hundred of gigantic tortoise fighting their way for food.

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(The most talk about Pagoda)

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(Its beautiful, no matter which angle)

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(The alter and worshiping area)

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(Latern Lantern Lanterns!)

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(Wanted to go in with camera, but I don't think it is appropriate)

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(Oh yeah,both of them enjoyed the Boar so much through their face expressions)

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(I don't usually get to be seated at the VIP place.It's either at the Boar didn't dig for ventilation nose or at the place where he clear his shit toxic)

You see, i don't see the purpose for putting this 'Oh so wrong' notice up at the door. Shouldn't it be CNY special?Prolly for CNY, they only open in the morning.Want to see lanterns?Go during daytime then!

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(Now I see, why is it so "special")

Since the boar has a chance to be the host for the year 2007 again after all the waiting with no exercise and continously growing fatter.

Please bless me with good 'che' throughout this year.
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(*oink* *oink*)